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Développeur de compétences – Créez la vôtre vue

Introduction :

The Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation has a culture of continuous communication and mentorship towards employee growth. The CSCF recognizes the importance of developing performance check/learning goals and managing them for employee growth. This document can aid in preparing a process checklist with your employee/mentor/management.

Date : 27 février 2024
Employé : Manpreet Dhonkal
Superviseur : Yolanda Quintanilla

Calendar Management : Edit and communicate with event attendees in the Google Meets calendar

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Volunteer Training : Train volunteers to know what to expect and be prepared for the task assigned (including assignment to a supervisor and knowledge of the resources available)

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Presenting in public via Google Meets : Deliver online Sun Safety Education presentations in grades 4 to 7 classes

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Support the Sun Safety Education Coordinator in administrative tasks : Tasks could include tracking of event attendees and reporting

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