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Building Resiliency and Positive Team Connections

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Being a young professional is rewarding and exciting, but it isn’t always easy. Economic challenges, health crises, complex technology, and fewer on-the-job training programs have made it harder to get started. Whether it’s a stressful project or a full-blown pandemic, as a young professional you’ll face a lot of challenges that are outside of your control. So it’s worth learning how to not only survive but thrive. 

How is this possible? —By building resilience and developing strong relationships with others. 

In this module, you will

  • Define resilience and explain why it’s important. 
  • Differentiate between a fixed and a growth mindset and an optimistic and pessimistic explanatory style. 
  • Explain how to reframe thoughts and beliefs to increase resilience.
  • List the five pillars of team effectiveness. 
  • Define what High-Quality Connections are and how to create them. 
  • Explain communication response styles and Active Constructive Responding. 
  • Describe Collaborative Communication and how it can be used to improve communication, listening, and conflict management skills.

🕗 Estimated Completion Time: 120 minutes

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