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What is the cost to take the courses?

What is the cost to take the courses?

There is no cost to take any of the modules or courses. The purpose of these courses is to support students in their student work placements through tools, resources, and knowledge sharing.

Who teaches the courses?

The modules can be completed anywhere and anytime. The modules are designed to guide students through the online learning and equip them with the knowledge and tools to apply to their student work placements.

Introduction to Project Management

Have you ever set a goal only to look back a year later and realize you’ve made very little progress? Not achieving a goal, does not necessarily mean you are unmotivated. It happens because you have a lot of day-to-day things that take up your attention, such as work, school, or family, so these “projects” get put on the backburner. Project Management and Time Management skills can help you plan and execute your goals to make the most of your time and efforts professionally and personally.

Key Dates

Registration is open and continuous. Students can register and start their courses on a timeline that works best. Students can learn at their own pace and set goals together with their employers for completion. Courses are online and can be accessed from a laptop or mobile device.